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Freesat TV

Great TV With NO Monthly Bills Record & Watch At A Time That Suits You!

Freesat HD Installation packages Looking to receive the latest in free digital tv entertainment? Then the new Freesat system, which was launched Spring 2008 could be the answer! The new Freesat system has been developed to provide greater network coverage for the UK, with approximately 98% of all UK households being able…

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Custom Sky+HD & Sky Multiroom Installation Services.

Sky+HD gives you the viewer complete and total control over which satellite channels and programmes you want to watch, and when you want to watch it!

Upgrading existing Sky subscriptions to Sky+ means an upgrade to your Sky Mini Satellite Dish and a new Sky+ receiver, work which Aerial Tech Solutions are expert in.

With Sky + TV, you can never miss a minute, or miss out on the smallest detail of the program. Pause, rewind, record and playback LIVE TV on your Sky Plus box, and give yourself the delight of planning your viewing, recording TV program in advance and never missing favorite TV shows.

For the ultimate in viewing, Sky HD provides the most advance viewing technology, with almost life like images - and with Sky Plus recording!

Picture clarity is four times clearer and sharper, colours more vibrant and with many program and films recorded with surround sound, you are not going to be disappointed with the quality of your satellite TV.

Sky HD entertainment channels have over 5,000 viewing hours available every month, and many more channels to follow suit, you will never be disappointed if you chose to upgrade to Sky HD.

To receive Sky HD programs, you will have to upgrade to and install a Sky HD receiver and compatible HD TV.

The all new SKY+ HD 1TB box gives you a massive 240 hours of HD recording space with 600gb for personal use and 400GB for Sky anytime plus content you will never be short of space for recording your favorite TV shows.

Sky's 1TB recorder doesn't just offer a space boost. It's an entirely new piece of hardware, smaller, faster and slicker than the original.

The Sky+ HD 1TB is also 3D ready. With a Sky 3D subscription package from Sky you can enjoy programs in tremendous depth and solidity.

Multiroom is for you when there are too many people fighting over which programmes are viewed and when.

With several Sky receivers controlled from one Sky dish, you can give each person in your home their own choice of TV channels, and bring the peace back!